15 MIN. OF FAME (2013)


" A church is normally a building intended for public worship ," explains Herck out . " A church exists , so to speak , as long as man exists . And yet we see the last few years a dramatic exodus from the churches . If this trend continues, the churches within this few years and are completely empty. While the church also plays an important role in the society.

The exodus from the churches is also the most concrete result of a widespread secularization , a consequence of the fact that people are increasingly oriented towards the world , the earth , rather than on an otherworldly , transcendent reality . But the church fulfills , as I said , a feature , and you can not just take away . Therefore, there are other things today , institutes , organizations , even political parties , which respond to the same function. One of the principal deputies of the church are the modern media, television in the lead , followed by the new social media such as Facebook . However, it is all too easy to forget that man is very susceptible to a preconceived truth . "Hence Hercks project.

And as late as the title of his project also explain : Thomas Aquinas is an important church father and the founder of the Catholic church doctrine . And the famous "15 minutes of fame" is a statement of the popular artist Andy Warhol , which meant that anyone can be famous. Partly thanks to the new media , "What I want to tell , with the title of the project , and my artwork is that in earlier times the church people chewed how you could create , while modern man today easily reflected in the content of television a good and proper life or other popular ( social ) media , in order to get to what can be. well and life is just a representation Call this project a reminder , "concludes Herck .