Tom Herck

Born in Sint-Truiden (Belgium), June 22, 1984
Tom Herck is raised in the unauthorized graffiti culture. He refines his techniques during his travels throughout Europe, leaving his mark in most of the capital across the continent.. In recent years he has taken his art to a professional level. His roots remain however visible in his work, as well as they continue to return in his professional development as a contemporary artist to date.

Using iconography and symbolism Tom incorporates observations about developments and trends in modern society, often using confrontational themes in his paintings, murals and sculptures. The violence and aggression he recurrently shows through his work are presented in a subtle, sophisticated and critical manner. He increasingly attaches importance to the use of ideas and concepts in his works, using sharp contrasts, both in color and in topic.

Tom calls into question the societal role of religion and (social) media on the background of a de-traditionalizing and highly individuating society. While mixing old forms with new ones and using various cultural icons his work causes a significant tension with the spectator. As such, the resulting – and at times paradoxical - consequences of 'vanitas’ and "decay" becomes important topics, which we mainly find true all of his work.



Artefactory LABO - De Drukkerij - Leuven, BE / group
LaBel Valette - Chapel - Montargis, FR / group
Bargain of Eden - Het Veilinghuis - SInt-Truiden / BE / solo
Missing - Gasthuiskapel , Borgloon, BE / solo
Holy Cow - Sint-Jan-de-Doperkerk, Kuttekoven, BE / solo
Sacred works - Velose gallery, Bali, IND / solo

Mine d'Art - L'ecole de musique - Blanzy, FR / solo
MDA Ex-Situ - Galeries Lafayette , Chalon-sur-Saone, FR / group
Het verval - Museum Vlaamse Minderbroeders - Sint-Truiden, BE / solo
Brussels gardens - Herkenrodehoeve - Opheers, BE / group

- De chocoladefabriek - Tongeren, BE / group
Beste buren - Original Dampkring Gallery - Amsterdam, NL / group
Art 17 - OT301 - Amsterdam, NL / group
Groupe Atlantis - Carros - Nice, FR / group
Rubia collective - Dreambuilding - Antwerp, BE / group

Atelier C - Museum M - Leuven, BE / group
Biennale de l'UMAM - Château Grimaldi - Cagnes-Sur-Mer, FR / group
(Nun) Fiction - CC De Bogaard - Sint-Truiden, BE / solo
Independent Arts Festival - Stedelijk Musea - Sint-Niklaas, BE / group
Exhi-B - Les Jeux d'Hiver - Brussels, BE / group

Day One - CC Luchtbal - Antwerp, BE / group
15 Min. of Fame - fqb - Sint-Truiden, BE / duo
Opere Di Miscordia - Art27 - Heusden-Zolder, BE / group

Vanitas - fqb - Sint-Truiden, BE / solo
Utopiart - Art27 - Heusden-Zolder, BE / group


BLOOOM Award  by Warsteiner, Cologne, DE / Nominated
Atelier C - Museum M, Leuven, BE / Laureate
Biennale de l'UMAM - Château Grimaldi - Cagnes-Sur-Mer, FR / Honorable mention



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